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Q: Why is glass as a recycled product important?

A: Glass makes up 5% of garbage in the U.S. Glass lasts forever which means that it can also be recycled many times over. Glass bottles can become brand new ones, saving space in landfills. Glass preserves well and the taste is better and more natural when coming from glass containers. 

Glass is easy to clean and sterilize, therefore the ability to reuse the glass is heightened. Glass does not break down into harmful chemicals in the ground or water.

Q: What does recycling glass do for the environment?

A: Recycling glass saves many resources in addition to landfill space, including soda, sand, limestone and feldspar. When glass is recycled to make new materials, fewer raw materials and less energy are used. Studies have shown that glass has a lower carbon footprint than PET plastic and in most of the world, aluminum.

Q: How long has glass recycling been around?

A: 3,000 years.

Q: Does CAP Glass receive curbside recyclables?

A: Unfortunately due to contractual arrangements, we are unable to receive curbside (residential recyclables) at this time. However, we can assist with offering names of local recycling centers.

Q: Can CAP Glass accept safety glass or plate glass?

A: Due to recycling methods and necessary calculation, we cannot accept either of these products.

Glass Recycling
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