CAP Glass

About CAP Glass

CAP Glass is open six days a week, 24 hours a day servicing Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia. CAP Glass recycles various grades of glass including Amber, Flint and Green, recycling a total of over 200,000 tons each year. The goal is to be environmentally cautious, offer excellent service and quality, and deliver benefits for industrial clients. The facility is situated on nearly 15 acres of property with over 13,000 yards of concrete designed to prevent contamination and maintain the highest level of quality that each and every customer deserves.

CAP Glass takes materials from various landfill centers, glass manufacturers, and other recycling centers and with their advanced technology has the ability to clean the glass, remove labeling, separate the glass into color categories, size the glass to the desired diameter and separate any plastic and metals. All sorting, cleaning and crushing of glass is done by professionals manning modern, eco-friendly recycling machinery. Glass is then distributed throughout the Country using the rail systems and state-of-the-art truck fleet.

CAP Glass Leadership: Shawn Pilla

He has over 30 years of experience in the glass industry and is an operation and mechanical consultant for glass companies located throughout the United States.

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