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CAP Glass Recycling is the premier glass recycling company in Pennsylvania. Our mission is to encourage and conduct continuous glass recycling operations for a better environment and significantly enhance container glass recycling rates. We utilize state-of-the-art proprietary technologies to accomplish this mission. So, whether it's keeping landfills free from waste or facilitating industrial users, our hard and smart work ensures that all stakeholders benefit from the glass recycling process.

Every percent increase in recycled glass reduces toxic gas sulfur dioxide by the same percentage. One-fourth of energy costs are eliminated when recycled glass is used to produce glass. These are the kind of statistics that makes us proud of our glass recycling operations.

In addition to playing the role of a responsible corporate citizen, CAP Glass Recycling successfully helps other companies benefit from glass-recycling process. For instance, our ability to quickly convert glass into valuable products not only benefits the environment, but also translates into higher operational efficiency for industrial users.

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Offering the highest quality glass recycling services in Pennsylvania, CAP Glass Recycling enjoys the respect and patronage of everyone involved in the recycling process. We leverage state-of-the-art proprietary technologies to provide these services.

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